Life is not always lived in the mountains, mostly it's lived in the plains and valleys.  In the ordinary.  The same old, ordinary life. 

But the reality of our life is this. The ordinary, through God's grace, becomes Extra-Ordinary.  Join us in this Lenten season to reimagine what it means to live an ordinary life.  Come find the beauty and grace in the ordinary things of our daily lives. Come see how our faith comes alive the day to day.  Come see your faith become Extra-Ordinary. 

March 10 - Prayer  

March 17 - Meditation and Study 

March 24 - Simplicity 

March 31 - Giving 

April 7 - Fasting 

April 14 - Palm Sunday - Celebration 

April 18 - Maundy Thursday - Submission 

April 19 - Good Friday - Confession