Here at St. Matthew's, our mission is to be a family of faith reaching out to share the life-changing love and grace of Jesus.  But what does that mean?  It means this.  It means that we believe that the grace and love of Jesus Christ can change lives.  It changes lives, families, communities, nations, and the world. 

And as believers and followers of Jesus, we are called to reach out to all with that love and grace of Jesus Christ.  We are called to be Life Changers. 

Here at St. Matthew's that's exactly we seek to do.  We seek to be life changers with our worship, with our Sunday School classes, with our children and youth ministries, through college and young adult ministries, through older adult ministries, through scouting, through 12 Step Groups, through our Weekday Children's ministry, through our missions, through our fellowship, through everything we do. 

To better tell the stories of what Jesus does through our church, we encourage you to share pictures and stories on social media with the #lifechangers.  In doing this, we help others to see what God is doing through our church, and we share with each other just what is happening here in this place. 

So, go out, tell and live the stories of Jesus, be #lifechangers and give God the glory for all that is happening here in this place!