Frequently Asked Questions

Why the dramatic shift from the original proposal?

This is one of the main questions that we are asked. When we first started this process in 2017, the option to purchase the property to our south was not an option. If not for the pause forced upon us by COVID, we would be in the midst of the initially proposed expansion. Having to pause has given us the chance to continue looking at and refining our vision. Yes, this is a shift from the original proposal. There are things to be considered, such as continuing to build unity between all our services, the need for continued shared space, and the desire to meet growing ministries. 

We know that buildings can help or hurt unity, but they do not make unity. Our unity is built upon a shared vision and mission, and is up to each of us finding and forming community to better bind our church to each other and to our community.  

The question we asked ourselves was this: if the land and building had been available for purchase in 2017, would that have changed our direction and vision at that time? We believe that it would have, and because of that---and several other reasons---we believe this is a good, faithful step towards our vision for a growing, thriving church.  

How much will this cost?

Keep in mind that numbers are in flux based on the current economic climate and rising construction costs.

Our initial proposal would have cost approximately $6.7 million. We expect that cost to have increased since our original proposal. 

To purchase the property to our south would be approximately $1 million. The proposed expansion to our current building---if done all at once--would cost $4.5 million. This does not include the cost to renovate the south church. This plan does lend itself better to being completed in phases and appears to be a substantial cost savings, all while gaining an additional six acres of property and an already-constructed building.  

Where is the front door? 

This is one of the areas we will be talking to JH & H about: how do we properly tie the buildings together while routing members and visitors into a common entrance and gathering space. We anticipate answers to this question in the coming days.  

What about handicap accessibility?  

We will be expanding handicap accessibility for restrooms, the elevator, and all our buildings in this proposal. We will also be examining the current layout of parking.  

What are the next steps?  

We will be having further conversations in the coming days. We will be mailing out letters to all who pledged last year with the chance to adjust their pledge. We will also be communicating through this website and social media. We anticipate having at least one more large church information meeting as well. 

We will also have to get approval from our District Building and Location Committee. After that, we will have a specially-called Charge Conference on June 28 to vote on our future direction.