A Service of Prayer for the New School Year

Join us as we pray for teachers, parents, administrators, staff, children, school boards and so many others as we enter a school year such as we have never seen before.

A Litany for the New School Year

God, You Who are Father, You Who are our Refuge in the storm, we Your children come before You now. In a world full of so many unknowns, we come here because we do know Your heart. We come lifting up our lives, our children, our schools, and our community into Your loving care. 


For our administrators and public leaders who seek to make wise decisions and search for the right words when communicating, we seek Your wisdom for them. Grant us this, Lord.


For our teachers and school personnel that are going back into the schools to educate our children without knowing what is to come and feeling the pressure to be flexible with the desire to teach and empower our children with knowledge, we ask for strength and endurance, and moments of true rest. Grant us this, Lord.


For our preschool teachers, Lord guard them as they hold young children close. Grant us this, Lord.


For our bus drivers, guide their hands in uncertain times. Grant us this, Lord.


For our cafeteria workers who will be adjusting to a new normal. Grant us this, Lord.


For our cleaning crews, Lord guard them and guide them as they provide defense against this disease. Grant us this, Lord.


For parents unsure of the decision they’re making, Lord, breathe Your peace. For parents wearing so many hats that they can lose track trying to work while educating their children, trying to love their children in uncertain times. Grant us this, Lord.


For our children, who may or may not understand what is happening, yet know that something is odd and different, be their Guide. Lord, place in every child returning to school dreams of what can be. Help them learn, help them find joy, and help them make a new friend in this new year. Grant us this, Lord.


For each plan undone, each celebration now changed, and each day that this continues, be our Mighty Refuge. Grant us this, Lord.


In the face of uncertainty, we know Your goodness will still break through. Drive out  our fears, breathe in Your peace. Guide those looking for a vaccine, empower our leaders to lead for the good of the people, and guard our hearts. We love You, Father.


And all God’s children together said, Amen.


Written by Rev. Erin Hicks