Rooted in Christ Scripture Reading

In 2018, we started our Rooted in Christ Bible reading.  Over the course of the year, we read through the majority of the Bible and had daily guides for each day's reading.  If you like to check out what we did in 2018 click here.  In 2019, we moved slower, taking time to slowly read Luke, Acts, Romans, James, some Psalms, and some of my (and other's) favorite scriptures.  You can read our 2019 reading guides by clicking here.  You can read our 2020 readings by clicking here.  


Good morning friends, I wanted to welcome you to Rooted in Christ 2021.  I’m glad that you have decided to walk through scripture with us again this year!  These reflections have ebbed and flowed throughout the past few years, so let me share with you what my goal is this year. What I’m going to do, starting tomorrow, is going to be based off the Daily Lectionary from the Book of Common Prayer.  I’ll be using the reading guide found on BibleGateway.  You can find it here.

Each day’s reading has a Psalm, an Old Testament, a New Testament, and a Gospel reading.  I’ll reflect upon one of these readings daily. I’d encourage you to take time to read through each of these readings each day, however, as it will give a good overview of scripture.  

Here is the reason this year we will make this shift.  In previous years, the readings had different purposes, to read through the entire Bible, to read more slowly through the entire bible, and last year to look more deeply at a particular reading of scripture.  

I don’t know if you remember last year or not, but had this global pandemic thing happen.  Because of them, my reflections shifted and I began to do video devotional in addition to my written.  I was never fully crazy about the way that things were going with though, and I wound up moving the work closer to my weekly sermon preparation.  I hope everyone enjoyed it, but I was never really happy with it.  

So, we will shift a daily lectionary-based reflection this year, and let me tell you the main reason why.  This is what I do each day for my own personal devotional. I’ve been praying the daily office for many years; it is an essential part of my own spiritual discipline.  This year, I’m going to share this with you.  If you would like to not just read the daily readings, but also join me in the daily prayers, here is a great online resource that I would suggest -, or you can get a Book of Common Prayer and go old school like I do!  

My video reflections, which I’ll add to these, will probably be a little less “professional” as I’ll just do a short reflection with my phone and add it to what we send out.  

I hope this year is a blessing to you! 


Week One (January 4 – 10) 

Day One Reading – John 14: 6-14 and Daily Guide 

Day Two Reading – Psalm 2 and Daily Guide

Day Three Reading – Revelation 21: 22-27 and Daily Guide

Day Four Reading – Psalm 103; Isaiah 52: 3-6 and Daily Guide

Day Five Reading – John 4: 46-54 and Daily Guide