Under the Mask

November 22, 2020

Christ the King Sunday

Text - Matthew 25: 31-46

Essence of the Text in a Sentence - Jesus’ Lordship is seen in how we treat the least of these  

Essence of the Sermon in a Sentence:  Jesus’ lordship in our lives is seen in how we treat other people. 

Objective of the Text in a Sentence:  To get listeners to see the worth in all people.  

Probing Question:  What have I done to help? 

  1. Don’t recognize you under your _______

    1. Hard to preach in

    2. Why I wear a _________ in church

    3. Keep us from seeing who is ___________

  2. Christ the King Sunday

    1. What it means

    2. Jesus is Lord

    3. We live in the ________ that he may be king instead of the ___________ that he is king, now

    4. This passage always haunts me

    5. How we treat the poor will _____________

  1. Truth compels you to move

    1. This affects our eternity

    2. Our eternity effects this

    3. When we serve them, we serve Jesus

    4. When we serve them, we commune with Jesus

  2. ____________- “Jesus in his most distressing disguise.”

    1. We have to learn to see others in that way

    2. To see the folks we are tempted to pass by as we see Jesus

    3. The poor

    4. The prisoner

    5. The frail

    6. To love them as we love Jesus

  3. What will do about it

    1. Individually

    2. Collectively

    3. Do something

  4. My friend ___________