GinGer Trochesset, INtersection Worship Leader

My name is Ginger Trochesset, and I am so excited to serve St. Matthew's as your Intersection Worship Leader! I was raised in the United Methodist Church and have been playing guitar and singing in praise teams since 2013. I love people, connection, and praising Jesus.


I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2022 with a bachelor's degree in geology, and I have been living in Flowood and working as a geologist in groundwater resources management at MDEQ since that fall. For about a year and a half, I looked for a new church home. After attending a conference at USM this February, I stopped by the Wesley Foundation, where Eric Davis suggested I check out St. Matthew's UMC. The next Sunday, I had the most welcoming, heart-warming, joy-filled, inspiring experience with all of you in your wonderful faith community. Although I am still meeting more kind faces (and learning your names!), St. Matthew's feels like home. It is with tremendous joy that I thank you for welcoming me and getting me quickly plugged in through Sunday School, Intersection, youth, VBS, and choir. God brought us together at the right time.


I remember my pastor at Coalville United Methodist Church in Biloxi (Len McRaney) had a sermon several years ago preaching, "I was looking for a place like no other place when I found this place… This place is like no other place, therefore this must be the place I am looking for." And it must be! Thank you for being a shining light in the darkness. St. Matthew's truly is a unique community of believers, and I hope to be as impactful on our newcomers as you were with me.


Outside of church and my full-time job at MDEQ, I am the feature twirler coach for USM's marching band, and I am halfway through my online master's program in geosciences through Mississippi State. I love to read, listen to podcasts, get outdoors, and play with my 2 cat children (Moo and Bean), who keep me on my toes.


I am so excited to step into this new role. Thanks to each of you who have made me feel welcomed and comfortable enough to do so! God bless you all.